Thursday, May 27, 2010

Zomic 'Mono North American Tour' Poster

This is Zomic's second Mono screen print ABNRML has printed for Zomic. This is a 3-color design screened on 12.5"x19" grey French Paper cover stock. This is also much more than a single show poster. This Zomic print is a tour poster for several of Mono's North American Tour shows. This print will also be sold with more specific date information by Chuck at their First Unitarian Church performance in Philadelphia on Tuesday June 2nd! Get them while they are hot!

Zomic / ABNRML 'Free Energy' Poster

If you have not heard of Free Energy yet, you will. Free Energy currently resides in Philadelphia, PA and has been taken under the wing of DFA producer/LCD Soundsystem's James Murphy. The production on the album is raw rock and flawless. This 3-color print was designed by Charles Moran ( for ABNRML for Free Energy's performance at the First Unitarian Church on May 28th, 2010! You need to check this band out! Only a few of these prints will be available since it was a limited edition of 50 prints. It is a 12.5"X19" print on navy French Paper cover stock.

J Dub All Stars 'Particle Benefit' Poster

This was a quick run of a 2-color poster from J Dub All Stars we did last week. This design was printed on 19"x25" orange butcher Cover Stock from French Paper. This print was for a special benefit Particle was playing in California for two fans who passed away. 300 of these were screened and shipped overnight to CA for the show!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

T-Bone & Aljax / ABNRML 'WEEN #3' Poster

Take a gander at this terrific design for WEEN's 'semi-hometown' show in Sayreville, NJ on May 20th, 2010. This 4-color print was designed by T-Bone & Aljax and produced and printed by ABNRML. It is printed on 19"X25" French Paper cover stock. A limited edition of 100 prints were produced. 60 will be available at the show and about 35 from ABNRML or the artists. If you are interested in this fantastical 4-color print drop us an email at Look closely at the print and you will see the wide array of colors that have been produced by the skillful design and use of only four! Stay tuned for more Ween stuff coming soon!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Zomic / ABNRML 'Caribou' Poster

This is ABNRML's new favorite Zomic poster. This is a 3-color print for Caribou's performance at the First Unitarian Church in Philadelphia, PA on Mother's Day! ABNRML has been listening to Caribou for a long time (Yeti was a'06 iPod classic) so we are very excited to have printed this and teamed up with Zomic on this project. This design was screened on 12.5"X19" purple pop tone French Paper cover stock. The colors really pop and the design has a lot of subject matter to look at when you see it up close. Come to the show on the 9th and do just that. These limited edition (50) silk screened prints will be available the night of the show. Stay tuned for a lot more ABNRML / Zomic prints to come!

Available for purchase here!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Joe Castro / ABNRML 'Josh Ritter' Poster

Here is the latest Josh Ritter silk screened poster for his show this Friday at the TLA in Philadelphia, PA! This print was designed for ABNRML by Joe Castro of Red Attic Studios. It is a 2-color print screened on red 19"X25" red French Paper cover stock. 100 of these were screened and only 40 will be available to the public at Josh Ritter's merchandise stand at the show. What appears as white in this picture is actually a metallic silver ink. We are very excited for this show as we just caught his free-at-noon performance a few weeks back at the World Cafe Live. The new album is excellent so I highly recommend picking it up and checking out this show!