Thursday, July 30, 2009

Zomic 'Cage' Poster

Our most recent poster adventure was an interesting one.'s Sir Charles Moran connected up with ABNRML for a new CAGE print he was sketching out. After working with Chuck on a few prints (King Khan, Fugi Rock Fest), we decided we would experiment a bit. Chuck, like a lot of artists, hand draws a lot of his designs. Most of the time, those hand drawings get turned into digital files on a computer that are more easily manipulated and able to get print ready (this is not a bad thing!). With this specific print, we experimented by giving Chuck a few pages of high quality vellum (think tracing paper) to ink out each seperated color. This required Chuck to work pretty hard and we are very impressed with the results. We took his hand drawn vellums, burned them directly to screens and printed; circumventing digital goodness and computers all together. Like the old days of screening. It worked out great.

This 4-color print for rapper CAGE was screened on bright white Canson Bristol 96lb. paper and was a very limited run of 25 prints for Cage's show at the First Unitarian Church on July 30th, 2009 in Phildelphia, PA.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

T-Bone & Aljaxx / ABNRML 'WEEN' Poster

ABNRML was lucky enough to hook up with WEEN. WEEN. After the success of our team up with Reading, PA artists T-Bone & Aljaxx for the Brothers Past print, we turned to the boys again to design a poster worthy of a band that has been such a favorite for all of us. So ABNRML and T-Bone & Aljaxx embarked on another collaborative poster adventure. This limited 4-color print was screened with love and hand cut to approx 15X25 on French cordtone card stock. This textured paper was a challenge to print with but truly compliments the complex and kick ass design. Only 80 of these prints were screened. Each was signed and numbered by the artists. Those available at the Rams Head Live! 7/16/09 show in Baltimore, MD were sold out before the band even took the stage.

This poster also marks the first art print to feature the new ABNRML/T-Bone & Aljaxx collab 'Designed by T-Bone and Aljaxx Printed by ABNRML' 1-color screened stamp - so you know it's good. Look for this imprint on feature works by the team. There are a very limited number of these prints left and are for sale.

Both the artists and ABNRML (Matt & Jon) were lucky enough to get show guest list access. The crew and band were very gracious and signed a few prints for us to take home and even snapped a few pics back stage at the after party post-show. The poster shown above is signed by the entire Ween band.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Zomic 'Fugi Rock Fest' Poster

Chuck Moran over at contacted us to help get a small run of prints put together to be displayed over in Japan at the Fugi Rock Festival. Do you like shark fin soup? If you do, just be aware there is a problem with killing sharks just for their fins and our buddy Chuck says it ain't cool. This unique print was printed on 12.5x19 inch French Pop Cherry poster paper and cut down to the unique size of the print. It was printed as a 2-color print and features some excellent hand drawn illustrations that will make you never want to eat shark fin soup again!