Wednesday, November 23, 2011

T&A / ABNRML 'The String Cheese Incident' Poster

We have been sitting here in the ABNRML office debating what is our best poster yet.  Dozens and dozens of prints decorate the walls so it is pretty easy to scan the countless great prints we've screened over the last few years.  Up until now it was a four way tie between the latest Lotus, the Ween 'Fast Food', BP's Bowery and The Duo from way back when.  This one may just take the cake!  This fantastical 4-color print was produced by ABNRML, designed by T-Bone and Aljax and screened with love on white 19"X25" French Paper cover stock.  This extremely limited edition print is presented by Live Nation as a commemorative gift to the band for The String Cheese Incident's performance at The Tower in Philadelphia, PA on December 1st, 2011. 
You can purchase this print here.