Monday, November 15, 2010

Zomic 'Maserati' Poster

Take a look at the 3-color print by for Maserati's latest performance in Philadelphia at the Kung Fu Necktie on November 12th 2010. We first printed the Maserati name when they played with Mono last year and were featured on one of Zomic's prints. This new poster is a 3-color screen print on 19"X25" French Paper cover stock. A very limited number of these were available at the show. A few are left for sale through Zomic.

Available for purchase here!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

T-Bone & Aljax / ABNRML 'Sufjan Stevens' Poster

Some time ago we had the pleasure of seeing an intimate performance by Sufjan Stevens at Johnny Brendas in Philladelphia. The show was very small and featured Sufjan exploring some new material and a new sound. It was one of the top ten concerts we have ever been to. Last night ABNRML had the pleasure to see Sufjan Stevens at the Academy of Music featuring his fully realized new sound with his 13 piece touring band. His new material was accompanied by stage theatrics, horns and dancers. This poster was an exclusive print for Live Nation promotion and as a gift for Mr. Sufjan Stevens himself. It was not for sale to the public. A very small amount of these are for sale now through ABNRML. A limited edition of 40 prints were screened. It is a 4-color silk screen on French Paper cover stock designed by T-Bone & Aljax and printed and produced by ABNRML. The run was split and printed on both a blue parchtone mist and cream speckletone. Email us at for details on this or any other prints. store coming soon!

Available for purchase here!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

J Dub All Stars 'Citizen Cope AC' Posters

This neat print was screened for the Citizen Cope performance in Atlantic City, NJ in October. These are 3-color designs by John Warner over at J Dub All Stars. The print was only available the night of the shows and are screened on 19"X19" French Paper cover stock. We really like how this one came out! A very limited edition of these were produced.

J Dub All Stars 'Frolic 25th Anniversary' Poster

It is very rare that a poster we print here at ABNRML is not music related. This art print was screened for the retail store 'Frolic' that has several location throughout the east coast. This print and accompanying t-shirt marks their 25th anniversary! It was designed by J Dub All Stars exclusively for Frolic. The print is a 3-color 19"X25" print and is only available at the Exton, PA location.

J Dub All Stars 'Citizen Cope Austin' Poster

Citizen Cope does so well they have both a Texas Tour print as well as specific show posters! This is the print for their two night stand performances at Stubb's BBQ in Austin, TX on Septembner 17th and 18th. This was an elaborate 4-color print designed by J Dub All Stars and screened on black French Paper cover stock. A limited number of these were screened and were only available on tour.

J Dub All Stars 'Citizen Cope TX' Poster

We have printed a slew of Citizen Cope merchandise over the last year or so. We printed a lot of posters that never made it onto the blog so we are going to post a handful. This is the J Dub All Stars designed Citizen Cope poster for their shows in Texas in 2010. This is an amazing 4-color print screened on 19"X25" white French Paper cover stock. The prints were available only from Citizen Cope on their 2010 Texas tour.

Zomic 'Pet Sematary' Art Print

We have done a lot of concert posters with Chuck Moran ( over the last year and a half. This is our very first art print with Zomic. This is a horror inspired 2-color design surrounding the imagery in the Pet Sematary horror flicks. One of the layers is also screened with an additional glow in the dark layer to really let this print come to life. A very limited number of these prints were available and can be obtained by contact or visiting our webstore (coming soon!). This print measures 19"X25" and is screened on French Paper cover stock.

Available for purchase here!

J Dub All Stars 'Bronze Radio Returns' Poster

This is a very bright 4-color print for Bronze Radio Returns. Each layer was screened with love on orange French Paper cover stock. A limited edition of these J Dub All Stars prints were produced and available from the band throughout their last tour. The print measures 19"X25".

J Dub All Stars 'Uncle Lucius' Poster

Check out the October 20th 2010 Uncle Lucius and Friends print for their performance at Threadgill's World Headquarters. This is a 1-color print on black speckle tone French Paper cover stock designed by John Warner over at J Dub All Stars. A very limited amount of these posters were produced and were sold the night of the show.

Zomic 'Brad' Poster

Sorry for the delay in getting some updates and posters on the blog! Here is a smashing new design from for Pearl Jam's Stone Haggard band Brad. The poster was for their performance at the World Cafe Live in Philadelphia, PA on October 8, 2010. This is a 3-color print designed by Charles Moran at and was sold at the show. Copies will soon be available on and are already available through Chuck. A very limited edition print screened on 12.5"X19" French Paper cover stock.

Available for purchase here!