Thursday, December 22, 2011

T&A / ABNRML 'Brothers Past NYE 2011' Poster

A band that needs to introduction!  We have worked with Brothers Past on poster and t-shirt collaborations for as far back as ABNRML has been in the poster business.  Pick up one of their latest posters before they are gone because it covers four shows, NYE and is sure to be a classic!  Designed by T-Bone & Aljax and printed by, this 3-color print is screened on 9.5"X25" white French Paper cover stock and is for the band's performances of New Years Eve 2011.

Pick one up here!

T&A / ABNRML 'Disco Biscuits NYE 2011' Poster

We were honored last year to work with The Disco Biscuits on their 2010 NYE poster for the Tower in Philadelphia.  After the success of the 2010 collaboration, we welcomed the opportunity to work with them again.  Just like 2010, we turned to our cohorts in poster crime T-Bone & Aljax to whip up something tasty.  In the blink of an eye those lovable twins turned an architectural art piece inside of the fantastic Auditorium Theater in Chicago, IL into one bad ass 2-color (with metallic gold I might add!) masterpiece.  The print run was limited to 250 pieces and is available for presale by the band and for sale the night of the show.  Starting January 1st 2012, you can also pick it up here!  Print on 19"X25" French Paper cover stock with much, much love.  Go check out the poster and the band December 30th and 31th in Chicago!
Buy the print here!

T&A / ABNRML 'Good Old War NYE' Poster

Check out this amazing 2-color print for Good Old War's performance on New Years Eve at the TLA!  Designed by T-Bone & Aljax and printed and produced by, this special print was created for Live Nation for some special fans and as a gift to the band.   The posters were paired with matching shot glasses.  It is printed on fantastic parchtone 19"X25" French Paper.  
A very very limited number of test prints are available from us here.

T-Bone & Aljax 'Lotus NYE 2011' Poster

Nothing like rolling in the New Years with tons of awesome screen prints!  Check out Lotus's New Years Eve poster for their performance at Festival Pier in Philadelphia, PA.  This is a 4-color print that uses metallic silver ink and is a must see.  250 were produced for Lotus's performance and will be available at the show.  Designed by T-Bone and Aljax and printed by, this is one of our favorite New Years prints!  19"X25" 4-color on black French Paper Cover stock.

J Dub All Stars 'BLVD' Poster

This is a 12.5"19" 3-color print by J Dub All Stars for BLVD's performance on January 6th 2012 at The Independent in San Francisco!   It is printed with love on French Paper cover stock.

J Dub All Stars 'Warren Haynes Xmas Jam' Poster

There is nothing like printing posters for events you have been reading about your whole life.  We are proud to display John Warner's (J Dub All Stars) 2-color screen print for Warren Hayne's 23rd Annual Christmas Jam.  A limited number of 400 or so prints were screened for this event and were sold out at the show.  The design is screened on 19"X25" Midnight French Paper Cover Stock.