Thursday, June 4, 2009

KDHX Radio 'Twangfest 13' Poster

Twangfest is a large annual alt country/country festival in St. Louis, MO taking place June 10-13 2009 and sponsored by KDHX radio.  Jason Baldwin approached us to print a run of shirts and posters for the event and we were more than happy to oblige.  The event has some decent names and the design is pretty neat.   The shirts were 2-color prints using black and metallic on a charcoal shirt but the poster print was a 2-color print screened on 19"x25" Pop Cherry French Paper with a limited run of 120 pcs.  We think it turned out great.

J Dub All Stars 'Gemini Rising' Poster

Our new friend John Warner from the J dub All Stars has recently teamed up with ABNRML to handle all his shirt and poster printing needs.  He is a great Philadelphia based artist doing work for a lot of great musicians.  His first poster through us was a challenge.  This Gemini Rising (no idea who they are!) was a 5-color print on 19"x25" 80lbs Black Speckletone French Paper.  It turned out really fantastic and we are pretty excited about some poster projects coming down the pipe with J dub.  Stayed tuned for a lot more.